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Husqvarna Guide to RapidSet TRU Polishable Overlays

Husqvarna Guide to RapidSet TRU Polishable Overlays

Husqvarna Guide to a Perfect Grind and Polish
Grinding and Polishing Steps
Step 1
soft or medium bond 60 grit Metal-Bonded Diamonds
Soft or Medium Bond 60 Grit Metal-Bonded Diamonds
  • Use a full set (18 segments) of Husqvarna part #543086430 Soft bond 60 grit or part #543086448 Medium bond 60 grit metal bonded diamonds, to flatten the floor 
  • This step is designed to remove the topical skin, gauge rake marks and to expose the sand and/or aggregates that were in the mix. 
  • Make sure to grind deep enough to remove all the skin and to expose a uniform look. When the aggregate/glass is integrally mixed in the TRU, it will not flow as well as with no aggregate. Make sure to cut out all the highs and lows and flatten the floor to make a uniform look. 
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Step 2
120 grit Metal-Bonded Diamonds
120 Grit Metal-Bonded Diamonds
  • Use a half set (9 segments) of Husqvarna part #543086416 soft bond 120 grit metal bonded diamonds 
  • This is the tool to start with when no aggregate is seeded in the overlayment. This tool will remove the skin of the overlayment exposing the sand for a light salt and pepper look. 
  • Use this tool as well to remove the scratches created with the 60 grit diamonds in the previous step. 
  • Use Husqvarna GM3000, part #543087165, in conjunction with the 120 grit metal bonded diamonds. Spray the GM3000 on the floor and run over the GM3000 while still wet to fill in the air pockets. 
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Step 3
100 grit ceramic bonded diamonds
100 Grit Ceramic-Bonded Diamonds
  • Use 12 of Husqvarna part #542870058, 100 grit ceramic bonded diamonds with velcro backed. 
  • This step will remove all the scratches created by the 120 grit metals and leave a good finish on the floor. 
  • After completing this step with the 100 grit ceramics, use a foam squeegee and go over the whole floor making sure that there is no dust on the floor. 
  • After the surface is clean of dust, apply Husqvarna HiperLith, lithium densifier, part #578273601 with a pump sprayer and microfiber mop. Use the microfiber mop to uniformly apply the densifier so there is no puddles left on the floor. 
  • This honing step give a gloss meter reading in the single digits. 
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Step 4
200 to 3000 grit 10-inch resin-bonded flex polishing pads
200 to 3000 Grit Flex Polishing Pads
  • Once the HiperLith densifier is completely dry (ideally let the densifier dry overnight, but could get on the floor in about an hour), use 3 of Husqvarna part #542870056, 200 grit resin  Flex Polishing pads. 
  • Make sure to cut off all the excess densifier on the floor. 
  • Continue polishing with 400 (542868407), 800 (542868408), 1500 (542868409)
    and 3000 (542868410) grit Flex Polishing pads or to desired gloss level. 
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