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Equipment Upgrade Program

Equipment Upgrade Program



Trade in your used grinders for an Applied Credit Allowance to apply toward a newer, bigger & better machine! 

We hear it time and time again, I’ve got this ’ol grinder just collecting dust in my shop...it’s in great shape but I have no use for it. Yet, truth be told, the adage one man's trash is another man's treasure certainly holds true when it comes to grinders of all shapes and sizes. What may be too small, too old, too not what you need, is exactly what the next guy has been searching for to be able to cost-effectively start or expand his business. We want to be the liaison to take your old grinders, get them into the hands of a contractor that needs and will appreciate it, while allowing you to put a portion of that valuable investment toward the purchase of a new grinder.

Since the condition of your product helps to determine its value, you must accurately state your current product's condition.

Four basic condition levels are:

  • Excellent - the product is in excellent working condition and needs no refurbishment, repairs, or replacement parts
  • Good - the product has cosmetic flaws (scratches, small dents, marks, etc.) and/or minor mechanical problems (needs belt tightened, or minor cosmetic repairs to look and function like new)
  • Fair - the product has cosmetic and mechanical problems (needs a new belt, handle, wheels, plates), but turns on and is in working condition
  • Poor - the product is intact but needs major work or repairs to run properly (needs new motor, inverter) or does not currently run

Trading in your equipment has one primary advantage over selling it yourself: it's much more simple. 

Here's how it works:

  • Provide PCS with some basic information about your machine including
    • machine make/model
    • when and where purchased
    • original purchase amount
    • hours and condition (see Basic Condition Levels above)
    • declaration of known machine problems or required repairs
    • upgrades made to machine or added features
    • photos (required) of machine body, undercarriage, motor, computer/inverter
  • We'll quote you a value and arrange freight pickup - you must provide us with machine securely fastened to a pallet along with weights and dimensions. (Continental US only)
  • Upon receipt of your equipment, we'll inspect it and confirm the Applied Credit Allowance Value
  • Apply your Applied Credit Allowance Value against any new equipment purchase with PCS!

Rules and eligibility:

This offer is based on an accurate assessment by you of the machine and it’s condition. If the item received is as described with all parts included, you will receive a credit of the Applied Credit Allowance Value to be applied toward the purchase of a new machine. 

If the item received is different than described by you in your original submission, we will contact you regarding the discrepancies and supply you with an Applied Credit Allowance Value w/any necessary adjustments (+/-). 

If the item received is damaged and thus has no value, we will contact you to determine whether the machine should be returned to you (at your expense) or retained & recycled by PCS. Where PCS pays to get the machine to our facility, the customer is responsible to pay to have machine freighted back to them, if deemed necessary. 

What if the condition of my product is different from what I represented when initiating my trade in? 

To receive your credit allowance toward the purchase of a new machine, you must accurately state your current product's condition. PCS will perform an inspection upon receipt of your product. If the product's condition differs materially from that which you described, PCS reserves the right to re-price your transaction quote using the same condition parameters originally available to you. You agree to state product conditions accurately and to the best of your ability based on the guidelines posted on this site. Packing and shipping recommendations should be followed in order to avoid possible damage or loss. If you follow the above packing guidelines and instructions, the product should arrive in the same condition as when it left your site. If the product is damaged during shipping and there is visible damage to the packing materials (packaging is dented, ripped, smashed,etc.), PCS will take responsibility for resolving any claims with the courier. If the packing is in tact, but the product is not in the condition stated by you in the quote process, PCS will contact you directly to discuss the product's condition and renegotiate the quote value. If your current product(s) were received and through the inspection process, it was determined that the product condition was misrepresented by you, and there is no trade value. If the product can be returned to you, you will be responsible for any and all associated shipping costs.

Q: Can my quoted value change?

A: Yes. Quoted values assume that all equipment is received in the condition represented by you. On receipt of your equipment, PCS will inspect it to determine the overall condition. Any misrepresentations will affect the final value. Value of equipment is only determined within the specified quote period. The final value may be more or less than the quoted amount.

Q: What if I disagree with the final value?

A: You can either accept the final value or have your product returned to you. PCS will contact you if the final value differs from the initial quoted value. If the product can be returned to you, you will be responsible for any and all associated shipping costs.

Q: How will I be paid for my equipment?

A: A PCS representative will contact you with your Applied Credit Allowance quote to be used toward the purchase of a machine or piece of equipment of equal or greater value through PCS. The credit amount will be equal to the final value determmined once PCS receives and assesses the equipment. 

Q: Does the quoted value ever expire?

A: Yes. Quotes are valid for 30 days. After a quote expires, you may request another quote.

Q. Why don't you offer to pay to send back my machine if you assess a different/lesser value?

A: Our theory is you wouldn't send in your machine if you wanted it back. Our goal is to reach a mutually acceptable Applied Credit Allowance for your trade-in that you view as both fair and honest.

Have questions about the Polished Concrete Solution's Equipment Upgrade Program? Fill out our contact section or call us today at 800-827-6547 or 207-850-1071!  Contact us now for a quote!

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